Letter #309 When Will That Time Come? - Posted on 09/12/10

Until when, until when do we have to wait?
Why is it that all you do is wait, without giving us an answer?
When we're searching for an answer from you every single day..
Why, why do you have no answer for us?
Please, at least give us a hint as to when this will end
Really, it's these words
"Wait for us, let's wait together"
that we hang on to as we wait.
We grasp that tiny speck of hope coming from those words
And hold on, waiting for your return. Small words like that are hope to us.

So tell us when this will end, tell us..
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Letter #308 "Small Confession (Did you know?)" - Posted on 08/12/10

Even common words such as "I love you"
Make my heart stop.

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If it was a belief that could break so easily..
If it was something I could talk so lightly about..
I wouldn't have liked you at all.
Whether you are a unit group or not,
I believe in you.
Because the most important thing right now

Disbandment-I don't believe in such thing.
At least, not until that word comes from your mouths...

I'm walking on a tightrope, holding onto that one strand of hope.
The rope is swaying side to side...
So... So that I can cross,
Help me.

I'm hurt. I'm tired. I'm worn out.
I love you. I'll wait. I believe in you.

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Letter #307 TVXQ, Faith - Posted on 07/12/10

Faith, Trust, Belief

These are words you have always had coming from your mouths.
And from your faith that said Always keep the faith
We found ourselves saying Always keep the faith too.

But these days, I find myself wondering what exactly this Faith you talk about is.

Faith, is the heart that believes something or someone.
Just as faith for me has a specific meaning,
I'm sure Faith has different meanings for all five of you.
The faith you have as TVXQ, and the faith each Cassiopeia has.
So when I use that word, I ask myself what exactly 'my' faith is.
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Letter #306 It isn't your fault. - Posted on 05/12/10

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It's not that I had forgotten. It's just.. I've been observing for a moment.

How could I have ever forgotten you? I just.. for a while.. I was just observing.

Because it isn't your fault.
That we have to be apart from you like this.
That you have to be apart from each other like this.
That we have to hear.. the word 'disbandment' from others..

It isn't your fault.
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Letter #302 My Letter to You All - Posted on 30/11/10

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I am not that amazing of a person.
I am not a person who has enough skill to change your opinions,
or to say anything amazing to all Cassiopeia.
But there is something I want to say to you all.
Whether you are a JYJ fan, an all-fan or a HoMin fan.
I hope you do not forget what we should not forget.

The memories of our times together, aren't horrible and painful memories.
We all laughed, and cried, and laughed again in those memories.
When I look back at those memories, I can see that they weren't all smiles.
We've cried so much. We've waited for such a long time and it's been rough
But we supported each other so we could come to where we are now, didn't we?
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Letter #301 I Believe - Posted on 29/11/10

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I wish it could be this way.
No one getting hurt. No one receiving scars. No one in pain.
I wish they were people with such strong hearts.
So. They would know just how proud we are of them.
They would know just how amazing their courage is.
I wish they could be people who kept getting stronger
No matter what others said about them.

Then. They wouldn't have to apologize to us when they've done nothing wrong.
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